The Quarry


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    Hello All and welcome to the second issue of the The Quarry! The Cornerstone newsletter.

   First of all I want to say thank you and welcome to all of the new faces who have invested time in getting to know the organisation and playing with our community!

   So much has happened since the last installment! We had IAE, multiple org missions (good and bad!). Here's a debried for one of them: Analysis & Exploration Event. Also a particular article written by Capt Sheppard has managed to reach 30 thousand hits!

   Cornerstone is all about being inclusive and helping the community and with the Universal Item Finder, the Planetary Survey and now the Refinery to Aaron Halo Mining Routes we are truly fulfilling our objectives collectively as a group.

 Another special mention has to go to the great guys and gals we have over in Technical Pillar. Thank you for taking the time to show so many people what mining has to offer, theres too many names to mention here but you know who you are.

   We have lots planned over the holiday season, more on that soon, so for now enjoy the newsletter and if you want to get involved in the next edition be sure to let us know! Happy Holidays Brothers and Sisters! 



Hello, everyone!


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    Welcome to the Quarry, Cornerstone's organizational newsletter.  Here is where we'll be publishing information we hope you find relevant to your experience within the 'verse and, specifically, with the happenings in Cornerstone.  Our intent is to publish monthly, but that may be adjusted according to events in the 'verse.  (You never know when a special edition may be needed...  Extra, extra, read all about it!)

   With each issue, we plan to bring you information about Cornerstone, people, lore, schedules, and special events. We'll also be running at least one feature that covers ships, vehicles, or locations throughout the 'verse, with the subject focused on how it relates to our shared experience in Cornerstone.

   We'd also like to hear back from you!  If you'd like to leave feedback, request coverage of a specific topic, or contribute to our content, please let us know! We hope you're as excited about this as we are, so please dive in and take a look at what the Quarry has to offer...