Refinery to Aaron Halo Mining Routes

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[Release: 3.15.1-LIVE Rel.1]

The Aaron Halo is a dense asteroid belt within the Stanton system, located between Crusader and ArcCorp, that is considered one of the most valuable mining areas in Stanton. Recent surveys have shown that the asteroid belt consist of eight different bands with varying width and density. The bands are separated by gaps of varying width, where asteroid density is near empty.

Aaron Halo bands


The following route charts indicate the distances to the centre, most dense point of each band along various routes, with each refinery R&R station as the starting point. To reach these points in the asteroid belt, exit quantum travel close to the specified distance for the band you wish to visit.

You can find the individual route charts below, or scroll to the bottom to download a complete PDF.


Route Example: 


  You are at ARC-L1 Refinery and want to travel to Band 5 on the route towards CRU-L4

  1. Plot a course in the Starmap towards CRU-L4 and start to quantum travel
  2. When the distance left to CRU-L4 is (close to) 15 027 000 km, abort quantum travel 
  3. You have arrived inside Band 5 of the Aaron Halo


Routes Overview:

[Precise interactive Stanton system model provided by Bo-Fone and watbulb from the Curvature Group]



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